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Success Laws

“Each of the SKY U Success Laws uses a child-friendly metaphor. When you hear the children talk about “SKY Beam Power”, that’s focusing, but it’s put into a child-friendly metaphor so the children relate to it.”

Ellie Dylan
Founder, SKY U

Each of the SKY U Success Laws is named for a simple, yet vivid metaphor which children can easily remember: SKY Beam Power, The Golden Ladder, The Peapod Principle, The Boomerang Effect and The Amethyst's Secret.

Each week for the first 5 weeks of the Quest for Excellence Program, students learn a new SKY U Success Law which equips them with the skills they need to succeed: Motivation, Focusing, Goal-Setting, Organization and Accountability. 

The children share their experiences using the SKY U Success Laws with their teachers and fellow students. This improves cooperation, builds confidence, strengthens interpersonal and communication skills, and instills the desire for academic excellence.

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