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A Language for Teachers

“At SKY U, we give the teachers a lingo, a language, that they can use that connects with the children.”

Ellie Dylan
Founder, SKY U

This generation of children has grown up surrounded by media, often listening to music, chatting online with their friends, watching videos and playing games – all at the same time. They perceive the world in quick bursts of attention...and prefer it that way.

The students know their “job” is to learn. But many children find this “job” not only boring, but lacking meaning in a world where the rules, influences, and parameters are constantly changing.

So the students sit in class and the teacher “teaches.” And the students’ minds wander.

SKY U is part of a new paradigm of teaching, which rather than “teaching down”, instead “inspires up”. Distinguished psychologist, and founder of Humanistic Psychology, Abraham Maslow called it “growth motivation,” fed not by lack, but by “potential.” Found not by measuring and comparing, but by seeing the infinite possibilities in every situation and inside of every child.

SKY U provides teachers with the tools and language to reach and engage their students by creating an entertaining learning experience using graphics and today's technology to motivate children to WANT to excel at school and in daily life.

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