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How to Motivate Children

“There’s a tremendous emphasis on test scores and on measurement tools to measure how the children are learning, which is really important. But there needs to be a “link” so that the children understand WHY they should learn math, WHY they should learn science, WHY they should learn to read. When they understand what the “link” is, then they want to come to school, they want to learn, they’re motivated from the inside. SKY U and the Quest For Excellence Tour use a whole host of tools to motivate children from the inside so they want to learn. ”

Ellie Dylan
Founder, SKY U

Imagine that all young people - regardless of race, gender or socio-economic status - believe that they truly matter. 

They learn early in life that they have a purpose that can be found in their own goals and dreams.

They have the inner motivation and drive to discover and accomplish their goals and dreams. They understand that getting a quality education is essential to reaching those goals and dreams.

They become focused, personally accountable, inspired and respectful to themselves and to others.  They become actively engaged in an ongoing pursuit of excellence...not only in their education but in every aspect of their lives.

How do we motivate our children to realize this vision?

Today’s children process information differently than prior generations. A variety of integrated media is needed to reach and engage them.

For this generation of children, school is where they learn. But entertainment is where they live. It excites them. It engages them. It influences them. It adds a sense of adventure that makes life fun.

Based on over a decade of research into how children learn, The SKY U Quest for Excellence harnesses the power of entertainment and a proven knowledge base to transform how children become motivated to dream, motivated to learn, and motivated to succeed. 

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