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Speaks The Language of Today's Kids

“At SKY U, we really feel we need to speak the language of today’s kids. What is the language of today’s kids? It’s music, it’s characters, it’s stories. We combine all of that with success skills that have been proven.”

Ellie Dylan
Founder, SKY U

Because today's children process information differently than prior generations, the SKY U Quest uses a variety of integrated media to reach and engage them.

The Quest for Excellence serves as a powerful catalyst to inspire excellence and motivates children to want to learn by using:

  • Engaging stories and characters that provide positive role models and a strong desire to excel by following the adventures of the SKY U heroes as they overcome new challenges and reach their goals.
  • Fun, interactive activities show children the way to succeed and motivate them to use their new success skills to be accountable in every area of daily life.
  • A tracker organizer system integrates success strategies for achieving excellence into daily life at school and at home by motivating children to organize their thoughts, actions, and activities.
  • An engaging multi-level Quest Master Game transforms achieving excellence into an extraordinary adventure children look forward to and embrace.
  • Award incentives support and reinforce children's academic success in school and beyond.
  • The Quest Online provides ongoing delivery and support for each school's Quest for Excellence.
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