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Quest Tour Teaches Kids to Excel!

“The SKY U Quest For Excellence Tour is a 6 week program. Each week the children learn a different SKY U Success Law that teaches them a different skill they can use to excel in life.”

Ellie Dylan
Founder, SKY U

History and notable research repeatedly demonstrate that when children are internally motivated, good results follow. They’re more focused. They do their homework. They pay attention. They’re respectful. Their grades and test scores go up.

New paradigm-shifting solutions and tools are required to produce this outcome in the education of our young people.

The SKY U Quest uses a variety of integrated media to reach and engage children: Books, Music, Live Events, and the Quest Online all work together as a powerful catalyst to inspire excellence. 

The SKY U Quest for Excellence motivates children to want to learn by using child-friendly Success Laws that instill the necessary skills to achieve excellence:

  • Motivation
  • Focusing
  • Organization
  • Goal-Setting
  • Accountability

Students become motivated to use these Success Laws to improve their grades and test scores.  And, in the process, they soon discover that the skills they use to achieve academic excellence now are essential to their success in the future.

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