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Collectable Quest Award Incentives support the students' success in school and in daily life.

At the successful completion of each activity, students receive Quest award incentives, such as collectable cards containing pictures and information about the SKY U characters and success laws, as well as upgrades to their online spaceship cockpits.

This promotes a positive "can-do" attitude in the children as they collect The Quest award incentives with great pride. These awards not only motivate the full participation of the students, they are also a tangible metric of each child's progress in The Quest program.

A wide variety of fun, collectible awards are available to keep
children motivated and focused on achieving their goals for
school and daily life. These colorful incentives reward
students for the successful completion of their Quest a format children love.

2 ways to experience the Quest

Colorful SKY Quest incentive cards motivate students by acknowledging their participation in Quest activities both at school and at home. These collectable cards also provide a tangible metric of each student’s progress in the Quest Program

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These special Quest Tracker cards are awarded as students successfully progress through each level of the Tracker: Seeker, Achiever, Leader, and Quest Master.

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Having their own online spaceships is another special treat for the children. They enjoy customizing their Quest cockpits and look forward to the upgrades and incentives they earn for their progress.

Boy Exploring Spaceship
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