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The optional, yet highly-encouraged, Quest live events provide students with a motivational experience they’ll remember for years to come.

From the first moment they enter a Quest live event, children know they are about to have an experience unlike any other. They are energized by the SKY U “university” theme, space adventure storylines and colorful cartoon characters all of which set the stage for the dynamic Quest For Excellence™ Program.

The Quest's ‘student-centric’ approach motivates children to want to learn. It provides a strong sense of of purpose so that each child's educational

experience is motivated by a growing inner desire to learn and succeed.

Elementary school-age students and their teachers and parents participate in Quest live events and maintain their motivation and focus with easy-to-use online teaching modules and interactive activities.

These highly-motivational Quest live events empower students with support from their peers, teachers and parents to achieve excellence in their academic work in the classroom and to extend The Quest principles into daily life throughout the school year. Learn more about scheduling a Quest live event in your area today.

Conducted by SKY U staff and faculty from participating schools, Quest live events motivate students in their own exciting Quests to excel. Three Quest live events are available throughout the course of the program.

2 ways to experience the Quest


The Quest live kickoff event introduces students (with their classroom teachers) to The Quest and motivates them to begin their own exciting Quests to excel.


The Quest Kickoff Live Event Video


After the first 5 lessons, children discover how to find and use their power to excel in the final phase of The Quest program - ‘The Journey to Quest Master’..


Amethyst's Secret LIve Event #2 Video


At the completion of The Quest program, children are recognized for their hard work and newfound success skills in a special Quest Master Awards Ceremony.


Quest Master Awards Ceremony Live Event #3 Video
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