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Quest Partners


Become a Quest Partner

The Quest Program is supported by a consortium of public and private sector partners. These partners include school systems, corporations and foundations with an interest in promoting the academic excellence of that community’s children.

Now you can play a meaningful role in providing children with the missing link in their education so they excel at school and in the years to come.

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Private Partners' Benefits Include:

  • Build early brand equity and loyalty with a young, interested audience with powerful purchasing power now and for years to come.
  • Drive sales with the target audience in an uncluttered, focused environment where attention to branding is high.
  • Enhance branding and public trust from being associated with an initiative that
    remedies a pressing social issue and does something good for children, their families,
    and their communities.

Public Partners' Benefits Include:

  • Receive matching grant funding and value-added support to transform the current issues plaguing today's schools
  • Gain important strategies and content to empower today's school children for a desired outcome: highly-motivated students who want to learn and excel…and are equipped with the skills to do so.
  • Solve a critical social issue of the future: motivate and equip school children to succeed academically now so they become productive, fulfilled citizens in the years ahead.


Be Part of The Quest For Excellence!

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