What's the Answer

Discover the Missing Link

In today’s fast-paced world, many children simply don’t find school engaging. To them, school is,
well, boring. Their bodies are there, but their minds are elsewhere...silently asking how what they are learning is even remotely related to anything they care about in life.

As a result, there is a crisis in education. Declining test scores, high dropout rates, soaring absenteeism and violence in schools are all symptoms of the same underlying cause.

There is a Missing Link in education. It’s not Math. It’s not English. It’s not Science. The Missing Link
in education is the lack of inner motivation and direction.

History and notable research repeatedly demonstrate that when children are internally motivated, good results follow. They’re more focused. They do their homework. They pay attention. They’re respectful. Their grades and test scores go up.

Based on over a decade of research into how
children learn, an innovative supplemental educational program was developed to provide
the Missing Link children need to succeed. This program, already experienced by over 7.5 million children across America, harnesses the power of

entertainment and a proven knowledge base to transform the regular experience of learning into an extraordinary quest to excel.

This dynamic program is called The SKY U Quest For Excellence.

Refined over the years from the feedback and successes of thousands of students, educators and parents, The Quest For Excellence Program provides a systematic way to teach, foster and develop a child’s sense of internal motivation and drive.

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