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Meet Ellie Dylan

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Why This is My Mission

“When I was growing up, I grew up during Civil Rights down South. It was very clear to me as a child that the world needed to be more equal. And so, when I grew up, I kind of made a pact to myself, that that’s what my mission would be. So SKY U is a really a way to do that.”

Ellie Dylan
Founder, SKY U

While most people notice her groundbreaking achievements, few people realize that growing up, Ellie Dylan, the Founder of SKY U, was an at-risk student herself. She didn’t care about school, struggled a lot, and her grades showed it. Until one day, a teacher helped Dylan find the Missing Link in her education: the permission to dream big, the linkage of school to that dream, and new habits and tools to focus on that dream.

With a sense of purpose and new motivation, Dylan went from being a terrible student to graduating at the top of her class. Later, it propelled her to blaze new ground in her award-winning career in both radio and television.

It also inspired Dylan to develop and spearhead initiatives to empower children with the tools to discover the Missing Link in their own education.

Dylan raised millions of dollars from the public and private sectors and spent over a decade working with educators and child development specialists to develop empowering educational initiatives that work.

Dylan established SKY U to provide children at all points on the socio-economic spectrum with the skills to awaken the Spirit of Excellence inside of them and use it to excel in every area of life.