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Meet Ellie Dylan

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SKY U is Different

“SKY U is very different than your normal, everyday classroom. SKY U is a ‘university’ for children. So when they come in, they’re all excited because they think they’re going to college. But what a different kind of ‘college’ this is.”

Ellie Dylan
Founder, SKY U

When it comes to school, too many children are mentally checked out.

In today’s fast-paced society, many children simply don’t find school engaging. To them, school is, well, boring. Their bodies are there, but their minds are elsewhere...silently asking how what they are learning is even remotely related to anything they care about in life.

This generation of young people prefers their information to be entertaining and their media mixed, mobile and made-to-order. Traditional methods of reaching them are no longer effective.

Therein lies the issue...and the tremendous opportunity.

Based on over a decade of research into how children learn, an innovative supplemental education program was developed called the SKY U Quest for Excellence.

From the first moment they are introduced to the SKY U Quest, children KNOW they are about to have an EXPERIENCE unlike any other. They are energized by the university theme, space adventure storylines, and colorful characters...all of which set the stage for the SKY U Quest For Excellence curriculum.

To children, it seems like entertainment, but they soon realize that they are about to begin an adventure more exciting than any TV show or video game…their own Quest for Excellence.