Refesh the World with SKY U

The Pepsi Refresh Project (www.refresheverything. com) is giving away millions of dollars each month to fund “refreshing ideas that change the world”. The ideas with the most votes will receive Pepsi Refresh grants.

SKY U is now in the running to win $250,000 in
the Pepsi Refresh Project. The funding would be used to expand The SKY U Quest For Excellence Program from a live format to an interactive online platform, so that many more children across America (supported by their teachers and schools) can be equipped with the tools to succeed in
school and in the years ahead.

Pepsi’s rules require that the winning entry not only change the world but also get the largest number of votes online to ‘win’ the funding.

That's where YOU come in. We ask that you take two minutes out of your busy schedule beginning April 1, 2010 and help us change the lives of children across America. VOTE TODAY for SKY U.

It’s easy and quick to do. Here’s how:

  1.   Go to the Pepsi Refresh website SKY U page:
  2.   Take a look at the SKY U Quest Entry
  3.   VOTE by clicking the "Vote for this idea" button
          in the top right of the Pepsi SKY U web page
  4.   Then do it again tomorrow (and the next day :)
  5.   Also, please spread the word to friends and
          empower them to VOTE for SKY U!