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Imagine that your children are seated next to you at home. It's a day like any other. Except that today, your children are totally captivated by every word you say. They're following eagerly along as you read an entertaining online adventure story with them. They're excited because they know they can soon track their progress in their own interactive online spaceships. You watch in awe as you notice your children are more engaged than you've ever seen them...more motivated than ever before..

This isn't some mindless computer game. No, it's not a music video. Your children are actually learning valuable success skills to excel at school and in life. They are learning how to be motivated from within, organized and

responsible, with their schoolwork accountable and respectful to themselves and to those around them...and they're honing their computer skills at the same time. And they are very engaged.

WHY are your children so engaged? Because they have just begun The Quest program and are discovering not only how to use it to excel academically in school but also how to reach their own goals and dreams.

Quest materials and support are delivered online and provide both teachers and parents with a quick and
easy way to effectively extend The Quest into your children’s daily lives both at school and at home.

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