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Ensuring that your children learn to organize their academic work and their thinking is an important component of The Quest program.

To support the achievement of this objective, children maintain their own Quest Trackers and learn the power of organizing life at school and at home. They use The Quest Tracker to practice and master the organizational skills necessary for them to achieve excellence at school, in daily life, and in the years to come.

By integrating the characters and imagery of the Quest stories and success laws into a child-friendly format, the Tracker guides children through easy-to-follow Quest tasks which promote academic excellence.

Incentive points and collectable cards are earned for each completed Quest task. This motivates children to progress through each of the three different levels of the Tracker: Seeker, Achiever, Leader…until they become Quest Masters.

The children are motivated to attain Quest Master status and, in the process, develop life-long success skills which endure long after their Quests have been completed.

Each Quest Tracker system includes interactive activities, as well as lesson guides for parents and teachers, which can be used as needed for a short period of time or at regular intervals throughout an entire school year.
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