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Originally a young surfer teen from the Planet Deltoid, “ROCK” became a rebel leader when the Forces of Darkness attacked his beloved Planet Deltoid. With his best buddy, Rolla, ROCK began a fearsome Quest to find the knowledge and power to overcome the evil Gluttones and rescue his planet. His Quest led him to the wise and wondrous Sam Skuddly and to the discovery of the ancient Hidden Laws. Transformed by the wisdom and power of the Hidden Laws, ROCK became known from then on as SKYSHAPER (SKY), Defender of the Dream.

SKY is the ultimate in pure mind, courage, and physical strength. He operates at his full potential and is fit in mind, body and spirit. No longer bound by ignorance and insecurity, SKY knows that living by the ‘WAY OF THE SKYSHAPER’ means more than just being a master musician and surfer - it means new responsibilities to protect beings everywhere from his evil nemesis, Maximus P. Gluttone, whose number one goal is to negatron beings and planets across the universe.

While there isn’t a guitar in the universe he can’t play, or a surfboard he can’t ride, SKY complements his fun-loving nature with true grit and fierce determination to protect and defend the ‘Light of the Dream’. A computer genius, SKY constantly develops new gear, using cool technology and S.M.A.R.T. Rays to combat the Gluttone’s evil Negatron Rays. His technological ingenuity comes in handy in tight situations where force is not the solution to the problem.

Always searching for the ultimate intergalactic wave, SKY surfs skyberspace with his constant companion, Dreamshaper. SKY and DREAM were both separated from their parents at an early age, and neither will rest until they find them. Having been on their own since the age of five has given them an inner strength and drive to carry on against the constant threat of evil.

Together, SKY and DREAM created the DreamNet, an interactive computer network to connect SKYSHAPERS everywhere - a Skyway into the past, present and future, and the means by which the ‘WAY OF THE SKYSHAPER’ is communicated throughout the universe.

A true Skyber rock jock, SKY surfs the intergalactic Skyway with his buddy, Dreamshaper, leading the Quest to protect beings everywhere and rekindle the ‘Light of the Dream’.

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